About Me


I’m Megan, from the UK. I am currently in sixth form studying Health and Social Care, Early Years Education and Sociology. In my free time I mostly read, and I also enjoy playing The Sims 4!

I made this blog as a place to post reviews on books so others can read them and also so I can look back on the books I have read.

I hope these reviews and bookish posts can encourage many people to read more books, and also that they can help people to find the next book that they want to read!

So, let this book be an inspiration and filled with all things bookish!


P.S. You can contact me in a number of ways:

Instagram: @wordsarelife.booksaresouls
Goodreads: @WordsAreLifeBooksAreSouls
Twitter: @MegHarrisxo
Tumblr: @mxgans-books