Review – We Can Be Mended


We Can Be Mended is a short-story epilogue that focuses on Four and takes place five years after Allegiant, the conclusion of the Divergent series.

**WARNING: The contents of this review may contain spoilers for both this book and the Divergent series. Read at your own risk.**



Author: Veronica Roth
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Rating: ★★★

This book has so many bad reviews on Goodreads and honestly, I’m shocked. I was convinced the relationship was canon already. I had definitely heard about it before the idea of this book was even mentioned. This was the reason so many people had given it a bad review though.

The contents of the book focus more on Four’s point of view and how he is coping after Tris’ death. As you can imagine, it’s not very well.

It was interesting to see how the setting was operating after the breakdown of the faction system. It was also nice to get to see how other characters who played a key part in the series were living. What sort of jobs they were doing, etc.

The only downfall for me from this was that it was so short, there wasn’t really a lot of content. There was a lot of dialogue in the book, which obviously took up most of the space, with it only being a small booklet binding. In reality, it was all really unnecessary. Roth could have probably summed up the whole thing in one tweet and it would have been just as exciting and informative.

Despite the fact that it did feel so unnecessary, I did enjoy this little book, it was nice to get closure on the series, see how the characters were feeling and what they were doing.



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