Rainbow Blog Challenge Day 6 – Royalty

This challenge is hosted by Le Book Chronicleselle.biblioMy Life in BooksRach with booksthe reader dragon, and legenbooksdary.

The prompt for Day Six is “Royalty – How books and reading have empowered you”.

I’ve always loved reading. Both my mum and nan read lots of books to me when I was younger, and as soon as I could read myself, I did. When I was six years old, my teacher told my mum I had a reading level equal to that of a nine year old. I’ve always been proud to be a bookworm.

I think one of the main ways books have empowered me is by allowing me to embrace diversity. Reading books about LGBT+ and racially diverse people, and those with disabilities, has allowed me to become less judgmental, and supportive of others. They help me to understand how different people cope with different obstacles in life, and that I should not judge people because they may act differently in a situation to how I would. Although I’ve generally always been very accepting, books have definitely help me to improve myself.

Although I’ve mostly always read fiction books, both these and non-fictional books have educated me on many different topics, including factual books and those which just cover topics I hadn’t thought about much before. This has given me a sense of maturity and allowed me to join in different conversations which I wouldn’t previously have known about. As a result of this, books have given me the chance to meet new people, and improve myself intellectually.

Books have given the courage to stand up and speak out about issues that have always been somewhat sensitive to me. There have been cases where I thought I was the only one going through something, and where I’ve had chance to read a book about someone going through the same thing, it’s empowered me to speak up and get help with those issues. This isn’t something I want to talk in detail about in a blog post as not many people know about the issue, but if I had to put it simply, books have helped me to see I’m not alone.

This post has only considered a few ways in which books have allowed me to develop as a person, but of course there are many more. How do you feel books have empowered you or given you confidence?

Happy reading xo


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