Rainbow Blog Challenge Day 2 – Time is Precious

This challenge is hosted by Le Book Chronicleselle.biblioMy Life in BooksRach with booksthe reader dragon, and legenbooksdary.

The prompt for Day Two is “Time is Precious – All about the slumps”.

Slumps are something that actually bother me quite frequently. This is quite sad, for me as a reader, as I love books, and when I can’t focus on one it actually really upsets me.

I generally deal with book slumps by buying more books. Although this is an exciting thing for me as the reader, both my already-large tbr shelf (yes, I have a whole shelf) and my wallet are less than impressed. Sometimes this does help my slump though, as I get excited for the new books, then I can start it as soon as I have it.

Here are some of my tips for getting out of a reading slump:

  1. Buy another book! This isn’t always something that can be done, but it always puts me back in the mood for reading.
  2. If you’re reading a book that’s putting you in a slump because you’re not enjoying it, put it down and pick up something else! I always feel guilty about stopping a book halfway through, but if you don’t like it there’s no use in continuing
  3. Check out bookstagram, bookblr, booktube, or any other book-related social medias! Seeing other people’s beautiful photos of books or hearing someone’s opinion on a great read can put you back in the mood for books, and can help you discover new ones!
  4. Read fanfictions! Although these don’t technically count as books, they can put you back in the mood for reading, and you’ve still read something, right? As well as fanfiction, you could look at fan art, merch or any other book-related things.
  5. Re-arrange your bookshelf. This can sometimes make your shelves feel fresh and new, and could even help you to spot a good space for that book you’re reading currently, once you’re done with it.
  6. Get some book recommendations based on your favourites or what you want to read. This could be from Goodreads, friends or other bookish social medias. Finding something new and exciting can get you delving into a good read!
  7. Re-read one of your favourites. Even if this is a book you only read last week, if you enjoy it, go back to it! It would still add to your reading goal (if you have one) andcan put you right in the mood for something new afterwards.
  8. Wait it out. This sounds horrifying to some people, especially those that are used to reading a lot of books in a short space of time, but sometimes it’s the only way. If you can’t get into books at the minute, try spending time on another hobby.

I hope this post has been helpful! If you have any tips for how you overcome reading slumps, let me know in the comments!

Happy reading xo


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