Rainbow Blog Challenge Day 1 – Seeing Red

This challenge is hosted by Le Book Chronicleselle.biblioMy Life in BooksRach with booksthe reader dragon, and legenbooksdary.

The Prompt for Day One is “Seeing Red – Something that makes you angry about the book community”.

For this post I’m going to discuss something that can apply to many (if not all) fandoms or fan communities. This is spoilers.

I find spoilers to be kind of unavoidable. It’s also something that has applied to me in the last week. I’ve been patiently waiting for my OwlCrate to be delivered, as it takes a little bit longer to be delivered to me in the UK. I understand the excitement of the box arriving and wanting to show the contents off as I feel it too. But is it so difficult to warn people?

Some people posted warnings, for which I’m very grateful. When posting their unboxings on their stories, they’d post a photo first with a warning, allowing me to skip through the photos quickly before they loaded, meaning I didn’t have to see the spoiler. Other people, however, just went straight into the unboxing. This was especially difficult to avoid when it was people just making regular post, compared to on their story.

I always try to think about what would be considered a spoiler for a book, and if I feel the need to post one in my reviews (I do this mostly when I’m trying to explain my opinion and I find the spoiler to be a key part of it), I’ll make a note of it at the start of the review and/or just before the spoiler.

The point I’m trying to make is, it’s not difficult to tag spoilers if you feel the need to post them. Some people can be looking forward to a new book for ages, especially if they can’t afford to buy it straight away, and I just think it’s inconsiderate of people to have to spoil things for others.

Is there anything that annoys you about the book community? How do you feel about spoilers? I’d love it if you could let me know your opinions!

Happy reading xo


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